The guidelines for standing committees are:

Committee Membership Application - Word Format Committee Membership Application - PDF Format The Standing Committee Application for Membership form is available in Word® or Acrobat® format. Click on one of the icons and save the form to your computer.

Landscape / Parks Email

At this time the Landscape/Parks Committee is not accepting new applications for membership.

Your Landscape/Parks Committee is working hard in your community to assist the Adisory Board in the areas of landscape maintenance, fence repair and sidewalk completion.

Suggestion Submit a landscape/parks improvement request, complaint or suggestion.


Email Chairperson – Robin Willits: 817-380-7003

We need people who can help plan the different social events hosted by PID 6 during the year and also people who can help during the year. Please e-mail your contact information to PID 6.

Events Also, if you are part of a group who can help during a specific event, please contact us. Our regular events are the Fireworks Extravaganza and Spring/Fall Garage Sales.